Philipp Strazny
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skype: philstra

I have been the Localization Specialist for The Geo Group since 2000, responsible for managing all software, help and website localization projects for clients from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Where appropriate, I provide consulting for our clients’ IT staff and help them set up a translation workflow that is customized for their particular situation (CMS/database).

I usually use Trados for most document translation projects, Passolo for translation of txt/xml with elaborate quality assurance requirements, and, more recently, Idiom WorldServer for projects with a high proportion of repetitive text or a high chance of subsequent retranslations. I write Bash/Perl scripts for file filtering or quality checks and use mostly PHP/Ajax/Java for webbased utilities.
  • web development: HTML, XML/XSL, JavaScript, JSP/Java, Zope
  • application development: PHP, Perl, Python, Java
  • database development: SQL (SQLite, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Access), Pl/PgSQL

In my other function as IT manager (overseeing 2 other IT people) and inhouse programmer, I developed a project management system for the translation agency, with XML-based flat-file data storage and an Apache/Perl (Apache::ASP and CGI) web interface. This XML-based system replaces SQL-based versions that I had developed previously.

As editor of the Routledge The Encyclopedia of Linguistics, published in 2005, I initiated and oversaw the content planning process, found hundreds of authors, and edited all 500+ articles for style & content.

Publications - professional:
Multilingual DTP: Japanese line breaks, Multilingual Computing #85, 2007.
Localizing HTML Help, Multilingual Computing #82, 2006.

Publications - academic:
"Morris Swadesh." in The Encyclopedia of Linguistics. New York: Routledge, 2005 - a critical biography
“Depression in Zulu: tonal effects of segmental features.” in The Phonological Spectrum, Jeroen Van De Weijer, Vincent J. Heuven, Harry Van Der Hulst (eds.), John Benjamins. 2003. - a phonetic/phonological study of Zulu tone
“On Bantu Agreement.” Working Papers in Linguistics - UW-Madison, Vol 1. 2000. - a morphosyntactic study of Bantu agreement, written in 1998
“PS for PC.” Review article. GLOT International, 6, Vol. 4. 1999. - review of a software application for linguists

unpublished writings
Italian Westerns - a genre study (M.A. thesis, University of Cologne, Germany). 1994 [in German]
Names: - a study in the semantics of names (term paper, University of Wisconsin, Madison). 1998
German Scrambling: - a (mostly) syntactic study of German word order (term paper, University of Wisconsin, Madison). 1997

Professional since 1994, on a part-time/freelancing basis.

Language pairs: English>German, German>English

Technical, medical, and marketing materials. I have translated for Fortune 500 companies and familiarized myself with diverse subjects such as X-Ray machines, motorcycles, milking parlors, office equipment, arts&crafts, corporate websites, software interfaces and many more. I do quick and efficient terminology research and always turn projects around on time.

Software: Wordfast, Trados, SDLX, Multilizer, RoboHelp, Visual C++, Unix tools

Voice Talent

Spent many dozens of hours in the audio/video studio, doing (German) voice-over work: software training CD-ROMs, instruction videos, corporate marketing videos etc. Also some on-camera experience.


, Fall 2006
Department of English, University of Wisconsin, Manitowoc
Taught a three-credit freshman composition course (ENG 101).

Instructor, Fall 1997
Department of Linguistics, Beloit College, Beloit, WI 
Taught a three-credit course Introduction to Linguistics.

Teaching Assistant
(Fall 1996, Spring 1997)
Department of Linguistics, University of Wisconsin, Madison 
Lead a weekly discussion section for an Introduction to Linguistics class. Corrected assignments and exams.

University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI
M.A, Linguistics, December 1997
Minor: Computer Sciences

University of Cologne, Cologne, Germany
M.A., English Philology, June 1994
Minors: Philosophy and Sociology

Lisbon University, Lisbon, Portugal
Student Exchange Program, Winter 1991/1992

Lancaster University, Lancaster, England
Student Exchange Program, Winter 1990/1991
  • German: native speaker
  • English: I speak with an accent, otherwise near-native competency
  • Spanish/Portuguese/French: ability to read novels for fun almost without dictionary
  • Italian, Dutch, Scandinavian languages: I get the gist
  • Japanese: can't read a thing, but 2 semesters of intensive Japanese at the UW allow me to at least make sense of the character sets

  • significant work/life experiences: 
    • tire salesman for Sears Autocenter (1 year)
    • nurse's aide in a psychiatric hospital (2 years - social service)
    • nurse's aide in a general hospital (6 weeks)
    • volunteer journalist for The Madison Times Community Newspaper, 1995
    • odd jobs in delivery & construction
  • Jazz saxophone and piano - combo, big band, composition; painting
  • squash/racquetball, badminton, swimming, running